The Future Of Health Care Is In Data Analytics

brandEvery minute of the day, eCare21, a remote patient-monitoring system, collects thousands of pieces of health data about more than 1,000 senior citizens. The telehealth system uses smartphones, Fitbits, Bluetooth and sensors to collect information about things like blood pressure, physical activity, glucose levels, medication intake and weight. The information is then compiled on a dashboard so that the patients’ doctors, loved ones and caregivers can keep an eye on them and provide proactive care, even from hundreds of miles away.

24/7 Remote Patient Monitoring
reduces cost & risk

Get care today for yourself or your loved one

Care Plan
Easy way to manage daily Care Plan activities for you and your Caregivers

The friendliest way to remember your medication schedule

Activity, Rest and Vitals at your fingertips

Share the Care with Family, Friends, Caregivers and Community

On Any device
iPhone, Android, Web and over 200 of your favorite devices including Fitbit, Withings, iHealth, etc.

Improve your health with friendly competition

Full Health Snapshot

Your activity, BMI and weight, your sleep quality and all the vitals are available in one single view from any device you like




You can adjust goals and thresholds to your preferences


Any OS, Any device!

We have spent many months developing the platform so it will fit your mobile or computer preferences. eCare21 is cross platform system tailored to you and to your phone or computer.